BEB 1HDT Taiho Kogyo Con - Rod Bearings

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Jun 9, 2006
Okinawa Japan
Tried to order Taiho Con-Rod bearing thru my trusted parts dealer here in Japan.

Not available here!? WTF

I bought a set hear in Australia only a few months ago, wonder if they have stopped making them all together or just need to stock up? is there another decent jap company that makes them?
Lots on ebay from international dealers. Are the OEM bearings different to the originals? I thought part of the BEB problem was the OEM bearings weren't hard enough and that was why owners had begun to use the ACL.
They would still be making them. Probably just out of stock temporarily. There are so many of these engines still in service and they are probably still selling the 1HZ somewhere in the world.
And Yanmar are still using the 1HD T and 1HD FT.
Hi guys. Sorry to drag this up from the depths, but you mentioned

NDC is another option.

Do you have experience with the NDC bearings personally? I'm here in Jamaica and trying to do a rebuild right now and I have very limited options locally. Basically, it is highly overpriced OEM or NDC for the bearings locally. I can also potentially order King bearings online and wait a week or 2 for it to get to me, so I'm exploring all the options.

NDC are a top quality bearing. Pretty well anything that comes out of Japan is not going to disappoint.
Any links of where to buy NDC bearings?
I found the NDC all over ebay and in local parts shops here in Jamaica.

I ended up going with Taiho eventually
Dont other countries have stores that just sell bearings? Australia has CBC , more than 30 stores and others. You take in the old bearing, the staff measure the critical points, they go out the back and come back with sometimes 4-5 options from companies that make that size.
I went in with a bearing for a 30 year old cement pump. The bearing company had been out of business for the same period. Lots of head scratching, then "yes sir it will be here on an overnight flight from Sydney" . Picked it up next day and it was brand new 30 year old OEM bearing.
Ive also used SKF bearings in gearboxes, They are a swedish company and make high quality bearings.

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