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Feb 25, 2003
Can anybody explain this?

Prices for inner and outer bearings w/races:

JTOutfitters - $25 each ($100 for entire axle)+shipping -SKF

CoolCruisers TX - $39 each-sale ($78 for entire axle)+shipping - Timken or Koyo

Autozone - $29 each side ($58 for entire axle)+gas for drive to store - Timken

Is there a hidden quality issue for the bearings that I'm not aware of?

'cause Autozone is known for their quality parts . . . :p
I think all of those manufactures have a good rep. Check NAPA if you have one near you as well.
I just went out and brought mine yesterday from the shop down the road, it was a Timken set i think for Aud37.50 for one side. It came with the 2 bearings, races, hub oil seal, axle oil seal, rear hub gasket, 2 front hub gaskets, and that funny shaped metal ring thing that goes in the front hub.

I shall put it in the 60series hub that is sitting in the back of the landy, then attach the hub to my bj using plenty of sticky-tape and bailing twine. Yes, that should do nicely.

'76 serIII landrover
try to find the CR(Chicago Rawhide) brand of bearings, in most cases they are Koyo inside the box. For instance rear semi float wheel bearings from the dealer are over $50, the CR bearings are under $20 and inside the box is a Koyo bag with a Koyo bearing :)

I have found this to be the case with the fronts as well, I think they were even less $$

I think CR is now owned by SKF.

I use OEM seals from the dealer, they are not much.

Timkin is good, IMOP Koyo is a bit better. For some reason I recall someone looked at a Koyo and a Timkin bearing(I forget for what aplication, might have been a 80 series front end) and the Koyo had one more ball bearing than the Timkin.

John H
i got the impression from reading the timken box, that timken makes up its kits from all different suppliers. So depending on the application, its possible, the bearings for one car may be made by a different maker than the bearing for another.

TPI has a sale on everything right now, but the deal on autozone is great, I think.


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