Beach driving woes... sticky throttle. (1 Viewer)

Oct 11, 2005
So I had the cruiser loaded up with the family last friday (jump seats and all) and decided to take them on a little beach wheeling excursion.

I didn't bother airing down because I wasn't planning on straying from the tracks already left by others. When I attempted a turn around I got bogged down a bit, and started loosing traction, What a perfect oppertunity to use my lockers! (my girlfriend is petrified of getting stuck on the beach and swears I attempt to get stuck on purpose)

Well, not knowing the lockers are stubborn after long periods of non-use, I couldn't get them to engage. I crept back and forth, trying to get them locked, only getting myself dug further into the sand in the process. My spare was dragging now, and with 6 adults inside it was starting to get hairy. So I got out and my dad and I aired down to get some more tread on the sand. When I got back inside, I noticed it was idling up near 2K. It would drop back to normal once it was in a drive gear. Having no luck with the lockers I threw it back up into H and just blasted myself out. Pretty impressive considering the mess I had gotten myself into. I've seen many rigs dug in the sand as bad as I was that were gonners and had to be towed.

The throttle was sticking up near 2K in drive, and neutral until it had been shut off for a few hours. Now its fine. The PO had the dealer install a "special order throttle position sensor" as stated by the work order about 20K miles back, two years ago. Which has me wondering.

oh, And I did get the lockers to engage in the gravel on my driveway later that day, and have tested them a few times since, they are geting a little better each time. The front locks up almost immediatly, but the back is still a little stubborn. Sorry for the long winded story, wonder if anyone ever experienced the sticky throttle and if it also corrected itself.

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