BC assigned VIN, how to prove year of HDJ81?

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Sep 27, 2009
N.B., Canada (east coast)
Hey guys, looking at an HDJ81 with a BC assigned VIN number. However the B.C. assigned VIN's don't have a letter for the 10th digit, it's a number. So no year code in the VIN. doh!
Has this caused troubles for any of you?
Does a B.C. assigned VIN decoder exist?
--thnx for any help
I would ask someone at the licensing office you plan on getting your plates from. in Ontario these offices are franchised, and all seem to have their own rules they choose to follow. my truck still has it's JDM VIN with only 10 digits, none for the year and I got plates at my small town licence office.
Plug the 10 digit JDM VIN into toyodiy.com and it will give you the date. www.toyodiy.com

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