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Jul 9, 2004
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I'm getting ready to order some more "Bay to Blue Ridge Cruisers" banner type stickers. You might have seen some on the trucks that made it to the Roundup.

Stickers are 1.5" Tall and 26.5" Wide.

Stickers of the do-it-yourself variety, will cost $5 each. The vinyl is cut, but you have to pick out all the parts you don't want and use masking tape or the like to transfer it to your truck. Its not that bad, and way cheaper.

For you big spenders out there, I can order some of the ready to apply stickers for $15 each. Post up before 4/24/08 if you want the high dollar ones. I'll place the order on 4/25 which should make them available by the next club meeting.

Oh yeah, be careful where you apply them - they seem to affect center of gravity! :eek:
Nov 21, 2006
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Ha Ha I guess we should have put it on upside down for the sticker promo. :D
Tim, put me down for one cheapie.
Thanks, Fred

If anyone spies a good windshield frame I am in the market since mine didn't survive this roll.

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