Bay area head gasket advice please

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Apr 29, 2009
My truck is now at 134k on the original head gasket which I am considering replacing as PM. I use the truck for family camping/road trips and I would like to put this nagging worry to bed.

I am capable of doing it myself but I just don't have alot of extra time these days so I want to pay someone to do it. The trouble is, I want it done with the same care I would take if I did it myself. I want it done right the first time by someone who really knows what they are doing.

Any suggestions? I have an LX-450 ... should I just take it to the dealer? I HATE having dealers work on my vehicles. It seems that half the time they screw up at my expense and then lie about it. I want someone really good. Any cruiser experts in the bay area you could recomment?

Hash at concord auto body knows alot about our trucks and is close. I dont have any personal experience with him other than some trouble shooting phone calls but he was very helpfull.

good luck!
You may also want to PM Robbie (Powderpig) to see what he has scheduled in the near future for trips out west. He has been to the Bay Area twice in the past year, and done many of our rigs (including mine), knows the local parts and machine-shop guys on a first-name-basis here now. Since your rig is not currently "down" this may make sense to get on his list of stops in the next few months or beyond if you are not in a hurry. Well worth asking.


I spoke with George (very helpful guy) at Valley Hybrids and he said contact Robbie:) PM sent.

If anyone in the Bay area is reading this and is also interested, throw Robbie (powderpig) a PM. Maybe we can get enough to get him out here again.
my lx450 has 200k original HG... I bet others have lots more miles. Maybe it'll never go out..

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