For Sale Bay Area, CA: Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag (1 Viewer)

Feb 26, 2018
Bought this to bridge the gap after moving but before we received all of our belongings. I failed to grab our go to tent before they packed it and this enabled us to get out while we waited for our stuff.

It's in great condition and worked great and it was cool to try out. Small enough to put into the back of the land cruiser but light enough to get strapped to the roof. It was used by the previous owner a couple of times and used by us for two nights. It includes the big bag to house it all, 70mm foam pad (with cover sheet), six stakes, the requisite poles, as well as an extra 3mx3m tarp for those days at the beach. I added guy lines for porching the head and foot ends. It's clean inside.

I did notice that the carry straps on the bag have pulled away and could be re-stiched for peace of mind, but they are fine as is.


More info here:
SWAG: Deluxe Double Swag Big Daddy 400gsm Canvas 70mm Mattress Adventure Kings , Outdoor Products - Australia -
TARP: Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring 3m x 3m | High-Density Weave , Outdoor Products - Australia -



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