For Sale Bay Area, CA: Free Foam Mattress (48" x 90")

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Feb 26, 2018
Bay Area, CA
I cross-posted this at ExPo.

I was hoping to add a little comfort to my Autohome Columbus Variant Small XL by upgrading the mattress to a custom ordered one from Foam Factory.

Unfortunately, I got greedy and what I ordered makes it a little too hard to close the tent and only under exact circumstances could I even get it closed with my pillow and bedding up there. Used for one night.

This is what I ordered:
Mattress, Lux Foam - HQ (M) WITH DACRON WRAP

Dimensions: 3" x 48" x 90" $197.40 $197.40

To try and make it fit a bit better, I cut out a 2" deep by 6" section on each side, about 18" from the bottom where the Autohome struts rest on the bedding. It helped a little, but not enough.

The foam is clean and is still wrapped in the dacron. Could make a good camping foam roll for someone or maybe you can use it in another space or cut it all up for cushions or a bouncy pit for your kid. I don't know - I just don't have room to keep it here.

I could be talked into including the fitted cover for it - but I'd prefer to keep that at this point I think and would need a little extra money.


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