Wanted Bay Area, CA [FJ80] ISO 1991 Brown Cloth Interior Parts (1 Viewer)

Dec 27, 2019
Bay Area, CA
I'm looking to refresh my worn and broken interior, I have the brown cloth 91 interior, see below for list of parts I'm looking for:

Mainly looking for:
- Driver door panel (basically need the whole complete panel but will take just speaker cover and window switch cover as well
- Stereo surround bezel (I believe this has to be pre-94? May be slightly different on the FZJ?)
- Rear quarter panel speaker cover

Would consider for the right price/availability:
- Brown cloth seats that aren't tore up
- OEM front floor mats that aren't tore up
- Set of door panels and seats from the later FZJ (non-cloth)

I'm located in Bay Area, California (willing to drive up or down the state) but also willing to pay shipping costs if needed. Help me revive this fugly interior!

Thanks for reading!
Jun 5, 2005
I have a bunch of brown interior plastic parts that I think is from an early '80 series or maybe '93/94 and I'm in the Bay Area. PM me with your mobile number and I'll dig the parts out and will text some photos. The door panels don't have cloth inserts.

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