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Mar 3, 2004
Well I believe unless the tests are done properly and able to be repeated successfully, they are not worth doing, otherwise you will not be able to actually gauge the true results in a usable form.
I believe the following

Ambient temp 80 degrees F
The battery has to be bench charged to full capacity with a controlled output charger.
Leave the battery for 24 hours before performing tests.
Load test the battery at specified CCA constant current discharge and log time in seconds to discharge to 7.2 volts.
Bench charge battery fully again. Leave 24 hours
Load test battery at 25 amps constant discharge and log time in minutes to discharge to 10.5 volts.
Bench charge battery fully again. Leave 24 hours
Load test the battery at 1/20C discharge current and log time to discharge to 10.5 volts.

Preferably use a data logger to log terminal voltage verses time for all the tests.

Then add your gadget and do the same tests at a later time and see if there is an increase in performance.
Sep 25, 2004
Gleneagle, CO
Thanks for the input. That is what I want to do. Create a test with some scientific rigor and not "I added this $100 gaget and the truck seems to run smoother and has a better seat-of-the-pants" feel". (oops - Don't want to offend all those who added a Airaid or similar ;) )

I am limited by my equipment though. I have a simple voltmeter and a Schumacher 2amp Automatic Trickle Charger. :frown:

I still need to find a shop with the right equipment, a battery guy good enough to do the entire load testing sequence and some way to save the resulting data.

I hadn't thought about the importance of constant temp. If I can't keep it constant I'll at least take a measurement so that I'll know the difference.
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