Battery disconnect switch - which post?

Aug 17, 2005
Labrador, Canada
I'm in the process of thinking through the install of a battery disconnect switch (I plan to use a Blue Sea marine style switch, good for about 1200 amp inrush, 340 amp continous) and I'm wondering...which post should I be running the lead from? Low side ground? High side pos?

The wrinkle is that I've got a Solar Converter...its ground on first, ground off last, right Greg? So my theory is that the disconnect should go on the low side ground...

Does that sound right?
Mar 28, 2002
Larry, do you have it in load balance, or convert mode?

Solar converter hookup/unhook sequence when in convert mode is: neutral, then 24V for hookup, and to unhook it is 24V then neutral. If you have it in load balance the only difference is the 12V wire is last on the hookup, and 1st on the unhook. The Solar Converter must be brought in and out of the system this way to protect the internals. If you don' will self protect and pop a fuse.

With all that said, if you hook up the disconnect switch to the ground side, and then remove power to the vehicle using this swtich (also removing the neutral connection for the converter at the same time), you will cause the converter to self protect and it will pop one of the fuses inside the unit (simple automotive spade type...easy to change).

The 24V pole be a better choice from the converters viewpoint. If you are in load balance mode, the 12V lead would still have to be removed 1st.



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