batteries for ready welder


Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
I bought a ready welder, now just need to pick some batteries up, thinking of going with dry cell for a few reasons, longevity and keeping a charge in cold weather as well as less explosive being reasons. probably going to pick a couple orbital 34cd marines up online, since local prices are $150 a battery.
two questions, good sources for the orbital, and is there a deep cycle 6 volt dry cell out there, since a few people have said not to run dry and wet in series with each other?

ive been googling a bit and have come up with a 60-70lb deka battery and optima red top for 6 volt, not sure how either would fit the bill.


Mar 27, 2003
Frederick, MD
I'm in the same boat. Need to buy some bateries for a ready welder also.
I don't think it matters whether or not the batteries are the both wet or dry cell for this particular application as they won't be connected to the same chargng system. (At least for me they won't)
The point about the explosive gasses/vapors from a wet cell battery is a good one that I hadn't thought about. I'll likely grab a couple of optima yellow tops 'cause I can find them locally for a decent price, the project truck needs a new battery anyway, and that will leave a second batttery to throw in the 80 at some point.
Now I just have to figure out the easiest way to charge them between welding sessions.
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