BaT BaT FJ60 No Reserve


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"The seller notes some overspray, and states that the front door seals leak during heavy rains and could use replacement."

probably not a good car for PORTLAND OREGON
Seller here, sad to move my FJ60 along, but it is time. The rig has a psychotic amount of paperwork included; the previous owner saved every receipt etc. back to new. They spent tens of thousands on this rig. I recently refreshed the top end, bought 5 new tires, and had the trans/x-fer case rebuilt. Also replaced all the vacuum lines and got the truck through the Oregon air emissions test (with the help of this forum!).

No reserve! The ultimate gamble... I just hope to break even.

Warde - you are correct, door seals might not have been too important in Arizona (where the truck came from) but they should absolutely be replaced for wet climates. Fortunately, I have garage storage for now.


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