Ball Joint grease recommendations?

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Mar 22, 2019
Purcellville, va
I have squeaky ball joints that I'd like to extend the life on for a few months before replacement. Any recommendations on the type of grease to use to shoot in there to quiet them down? The boot has a small tear (hence the squeak), so i should be able to get ample grease in there.

I'm new to greasing my joints, so name/brands would be appreciated.

I had a 1997 F150 that had squeaky ball joints. A remedy I found used a syringe end on a grease gun. Packed the boot full of grease then took silicone adhesive and sealed up the hole. I never had a squeak after that and I drove it for several years before I sold it and bought my Cruiser.
Thanks, that was actually going to be my next question, a good way to seal the boot. Mine has about a 1” tear, so it may be beyond adhesive.

Anyone know of a tape that might hold up for a few months?
Any reason you wouldnt just get a boot replacement kit with grease included ?


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