Badlands on 3/26

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I'm gonna be at the SEMA-Offroad show in Indy on Friday and Saturday....I'll cancel my reservation for Sat night at the hotel there, meet ya for Prime on Sat evening, wheel a little on Sun before headin home....I need to talk with Troy anyways...

ya gettin a "real" room I can split with ya? or just a sleeper?
hey, just an update, there is now a sami, truggy, and ftoy comin. We will meet in the lower parking lot, (as opposed to mcd's, bc then we can get ready as we wait for the inevitable stragglers) unless someone objects. Ill try to be the first one there just look for a red 92 4runner on 36's...


I'm there for Sun...not positive I'll be wheelin tho, need to talk with Troy quite a bit on some stuff....but may sneak in a couple hours, see how the 80 performs...

with LOTS of luck, my sliders will be on by then.....

breakfast at that dive joint just SE of town? good grease to start the day....I figger I'll arrive about 6p on Sat evening, maybe sooner...

and, we gotta make sure Jeff closes the bar before 4am this time....ouch....not so many Korbel-XS and Coke for me...
hooray for wheeling.
I'll see you at the SEMA show. Just got tickets yesterday. Spaceghost will be there also.

Look at our club section. I hope you can make April 15th.
Excellent...I'm driving over to Indy on Fri morning, early...planning to arrive around a room for Fri nite at the Hampton Inn Downtown. SG's got my number (hell, half the free world - ring me up.

Excellent, I'll buy the first round after the show.
still on ;)

alstaz and I are hittin SEMA on Fri and Sat, prime rib on Sat nite....

say, 6pm?? Gumbster, yer in charge of makin sure Jeff doesn't run outta Korbel on me again.... :rolleyes:

Ridin on Sun, likely out for breakfast at that restaurant just past the liquor store and car stealership on S 41 (IIRC)....park at 9am....
I ain't draggin the 40 out....80 is in, tho I'm not sure sliders will be installed.....

sissy trails for me (as
Im so exited I might pee
I'll ride shotgun to Attica with someone on Sunday morning.


alia176 said:
I'll ride shotgun to Attica with someone on Sunday morning.



I PM'd ya

Oh and if ayone else wants to go they can just hop in for the ride down and/or at the park.:cheers:

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