BAD throw out bearing noise '78 FJ40

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Feb 21, 2009
Tampa, FL
Need some advice...
I just developed a LOUD ratteling noise from my throwout bearing mostly at 45mph and up. It's louder when you arent even stepping on the clutch. I pulled the inspection cover, and found I can grab the bearing and bearing hub and get a good half inch of up/down and side/side movement out of them. Has anyone seen the toyota 4 spd. front bearing retainer wear THAT bad? or can it just be that bearing and hub. Is that bearing retainer even available anymore? Thanks.. I need to turn this job around quick, because this is my current daily driver. Thanks!

if you keep driving it and the bearing goes you will ruin the clutch also.if not already ,until you pull it apart and accualy know what the problem is its any bodies geuss .the hub usually is not the problem but it can happen if the bearing siezes and it spins on the hub .the hub is not 1/2" thick so i doubt its that good luck

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