Bad Rebuild

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May 6, 2005
Southern Calif.
We picked up this motor awhile back the PO told me it had been rebuilt and installed it in his 40. He then explained that the motor ran like a champ for about 2 weeks then started running like crap and died. Well today the boys started to break it down and when we pulled the valve cover :grinpimp: This is what we found :crybaby: Bummer who ever did the rebuild forgot to get the Banjo for the valve train oiling system installed properly :doh:
sorry about that:flipoff2:
Those rocker arm shafts are gonna be....


I had a rebuilder [many, MANY years ago] that did not install the delivery tube from the oil pump to the block! Oil pump dutifully picked up the oil and delivered it right back to the pan!:eek::eek:

That lasted for about 45 seconds!

[You'll have to wait for the rest of the story; it's in a publication que!]
more pics

Got out there today and broke this motor down WOW !!! one rod cap nut was missing and a few others I could spin off by hand :grinpimp: Thing is i dont think the PO ran this very long because the bearings really dont look that bad. the cylinders dont even have a ridge on top and the valves seem OK , Wish i could remember who I got this from I would like to know who rebuilt it.
Those are some SCARY pics Rob! :eek:I would be replacing those rod bolts for sure. I don't buy into that 'work-hardened' theory.:doh:

Many, MANY years ago a parts manager at a Toyota dealership showed me the second to last NOS 2F shortblock Toyota ever sold. I think it went for $5000.00 back in the early 90's. It apparantly lasted about 30 minutes. Then it started knocking. The mechanic that installed it pulled the pan and found out that the rod nuts were all loose. This could only have happened AT THE FACTORY.

So the very last 2F shortblock left the warehouse as a warranty replacement.

Even Toyota made mistakes.

Good luck with the rebuild. Let me know if I can help.


Mark A.

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