bad oil drip from fuel pump (1 Viewer)

Dec 20, 2007
Orcas Island in NW Washington State
So I would think most would think the gasket(s) from the block mounting point. But mine is dripping onto the front axle from the two ports (vents?) just under the cylindrical part. I have ordered a new fuel pump, but my only store on an island is napa and they list a generic elec pump as their only optiion... Toyota dealers in Seattle have to order in so I went with a gypo airtex on amazon for 22 bucks. I have a truck get together with friends on thursday night so I wanted to have it by then. Anyone used the airtex? Oh, it's a '79 with three hose type connections. I do have to say how nice to be test driving all around with no front sheet metal... When I find a problem or potential problem I can just stand alongside the vehicle and wrench on a new part. Thanks in advance.

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