Bad noises from left knuckle,birfield?

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Nov 10, 2003
I am in the same process of gathering info on this birfield repack operation. There are pretty detailed write ups here on this forum about how to do it. Look under the search option for birfield repack or front axle service and something should come up.
I have seen times of up to 8 hours to do both sides but after the first side is done the second goes much faster. I haven't done it yet so I don't know. I am in the process of gathering tools for the job also. Since you are a mechanic you might already have some of those tools; torque wrenches , floor jacks, large socket for spindle nut , seal remover , metric sockets. There is tons of info on this site!! I love it.

Park the vehicle. Do not drive it until it is repaired. It is at a point where it is going to start tearing things up.
Thanks everyone! I pulled the wheels off after work today and found the left bottom outside caliper piston frozen causing the pad to stay pressed against the rotor. That was the cause of the hitteous metallic rubbing noise I heard. I've heard I can get calipers from an auto shop for about $60.00. We'll see. As for the clack,clack,clack noise on sharf left turns, I'm sure that's still going to require repacking the birfield. But my question is, where did the grease go? I think I know the answer. Whenever I service the diffs, the rear is always golden honey colored. The front on the other hand is black like oil. Is there anyway for the hub and birfiels grease to escape into the axle houseng? There's no external signs of grease leaking anywhere.
I don't get it; you’re supposed to be a mechanic ???
For the record yes, you have a busted axle seal in the front. Do Ten minutes worth of research on the site and you will have answers to all your questions.
please go back to the beginning of the post and read all of the links and research that everyone has done for you...


>> Is there anyway for the hub and birfiels grease to escape into the axle houseng? <<

Yes, via a leaking axle tube seal. Common problem.

>> There's no external signs of grease leaking anywhere. <<

There are a handful of skeptics on this forum that assume that the lack of leaking grease, and the omission of a required maintenance interval by Toyota USA, means you don't have to routinely service the front and rear axles. Your knuckle seals are holding up OK; the grease that used to be in the knuckle has "washed out" via the diff fluid getting in the knuckle cavity and dissolving the grease; coming out of your diff when you drain and fill with gear oil.

Get those birfs serviced ASAP or you'll soon have a repair bill costing more than that '92 is worth.

Joshua 200K+ miles between birfield service is not bad. Mines been 130K miles and I will be doing mine hopefully before mine makes noise. I also have no leaks or noise at this point but get a little grease in the front differential, between 30K mile changes, so my seal is leaking alittle. I too did not realize this was a maintance item until I joined this site. I am sure that there are 90%+ LC's running around with the same problem and it might be a great time to invest in birfield rebuild "stock" since over the next several years we will see a lot of failures. Based on the average age and mileage of most FJ80 and FZJ80's currently on the road today.
Joshua 200K+ miles between birfield service is not bad.

Ummmmmmm....what? Is this from the "If it's still working then no maintenance is needed" school of mechanical engineering? :slap:

...and you were hoping to sell this same truck for over blue book when the axle is in need of some major repair. Where is it that you work?
I wasn't going to sell it without repairing the axle first!! I'm an honest person!! We're just going to keep it and enjoy it for our weekend adventures. We commute 60 mi. a day, that is why we have a 2003 Corolla!!

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