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Jul 2, 2005
something rather upsetting happened to my cruiser this week: the rear shock mounting tube fell off . . . . i'm lucky it didn't put a hole in the fuel tank.

so i am probably going to have to part the truck out as the frame inners from around 2/3 of the way back are like swiss cheese. more work than i want to deal with.

so i'm wondering what my engine (3B) and tranny (5 speed) are worth and whether or not there is any interest out there? both are in good condition. i don't want to turn this into a for-sale ad, just trying to gauge if there is much demand out there . . .
A friend had a frame 4 sale. If your interested I could get a number.
Hi All:

If you want to sell the rig, and are willing to drive it down into the USA (Washington State) I know of a very likely buyer. He is looking for a rusty BJ60 to steal the drivretrain current his FJ60.


Thanks for the suggestion, re: frame for sale, but i don't have the time or facilities for such huuuuge job, plus all the other bits 'n' pieces that would require replacement.

Alan: Yes, would be interested in your idea. Please PM me if you'd like, or i'll PM you.
Bummer, good luck, and are you going to get back into a Cruiser again?

I have an even better idea and WAY more fun!! Have the swap done down here in Central America. A killer vacation, a rust free frame and a solid truck!! Frame swap can probably be done for around $1000 US including the frame.

btw, the same thing happened to my truck a couple of years ago. You can see the repair work I did at that time. I'll be up in Surrey this summer if you want to see the frame under my truck now.
I would go get some 3/8 or 1/4 inch steel plate cut it to go down the frame rails weld whatever you need onto it and oil oil oil it, I think I would prolly just use it as a bush truck after that though. A guy at work has on old toyota truck that the frame rotted out and he did that. He has pictures of it with so much wood in the back you can barely tell what it is. You can re enforce it as little or as much as you want. Better then the way it is now I say
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greg: i haven't decided on which vehicle will replace 'ol rusty yet

cg: i would love to do that, but it's not a practical proposition for me at the moment
I would do as Eric says, Go to a welding shop and have them cut and weld in were it is weak. Then when you can, go get the frame and install it.

If the body and engine are good, you are set to fix up the old one. If the body is shot and the engine is barely there then part it out.

I have to do some welding to my frame too. that area were the shock tube goes is the culprit on many cruisers.

after you weld it up, oil the crap out of it......
jzilla said:
Sorry to hear that, i just welded a new support in mine, but i could use a new frame as well

Well John, you KNOW who can find a new frame!! Have a look at my truck when I'm up in the summer. I think you'll be surprised how good the frame is! If you want a BJ60 frame be aware that the HJ60 is more common in Honduras than the BJ60 so don't wait if it's a BJ frame you're after.
welding is cheapest

I have done a fair amount of welding on my frame (84BJ60) I have found the best is 1/8 flatbar from an industrial steel shop. I was able to get in the exact width of the frame and mig welded new steel over the most of the inside skin (which tends to be the problem). Also replaced the shock mount with a heavy oversized pipe - probably 1/4 inch. Drilled out the old one with a hole saw and welded it in inside and out. Very strong. Also a good idea to drop the tank and box in the rear section while you're at it. A welder is your best friend.
As long as there is metal left to weld too, I know in Cruiser_guys case, he found the crack and the nicest thing is to replace the frame, but I garentee you could have welded it up to be nice an strong again. For me that worst part about these frames are the boxed in design, I just can't seem to get all the crud out of mine.
Eric Winkworth said:
As long as there is metal left to weld too, I know in Cruiser_guys case, he found the crack and the nicest thing is to replace the frame, but I garentee you could have welded it up to be nice an strong again. For me that worst part about these frames are the boxed in design, I just can't seem to get all the crud out of mine.

I'm well aware I could have continued to BandAid the frame (the crack was simply the latest of the frame issues since I too lost the shock mount about 2 years ago and have had patches welded on for several years before then) but I can ASSURE all the folks in B.C. that the day is coming when the "Safety Nazi's", otherwise known as DOT or whatever, who roam to and fro will pull you over and give you the dreaded "Blue Card" because of a perceived weakness in the frame due to welding, patching or whatever bee he has in his bonnet that day. When the frame is solid and unmolested, as mine is, he can bang and poke all he wants but he will be unable to do ANYTHING to justify the "Blue Card". For the price of the frame and swap, further welding and patching was simply NOT wise use of time or resources. Remember also that the patches that are welded leave yet another location for crud to collect behind and continue it's work.

Remember too that the rust you see is only a small amount of the rust that is actually there! The crud that is in so many frames will eventually cause the lower inside of the rails to become perforated all along. I know because I've seen my buddies rig which is now off the road due to that very issue.

I will be applying Krown on my truck again with special emphasis on the frame when I'm up in B.C. this summer.
I have a good bj60 frame from a rollover if you need one.It was a 4sp.But the swap is more work than most people are willing to do.If you don't have a 2 post hoist or large elm tree.
Cheers Rob
Yes Charles I know where to get one! It's just the drive down there that's a bit far, what does it cost you in fuel by the way??

1FE PIG where is candle creek?

I cut all the boxing out of the back half of my frame and wow was there a lot of rotting! I then reboxed the whole thing in again. Yes a new frame is in order but i want a new body as well with it, (the smiley is supposed to be here)
John, I figure that the drive is about $1500 give or take. Couple that with the $1000 for the frame and swap and your still well under what a shop at home would charge, plus you wouldn't have the bragging rights of having driven to Central America or the killer vacation you can take too! You can probably find a rust free body here too but of course then there is more work and costs involved.
I'm in clearwater,so there are only body parts with most 60's here.This one should have got fixed.But ICBC said no.So I thought it was a good donar for a 45 project.Wating for brakeup to finish,to pull the rest apart.
my take on welding frames, take it for what it is worth.
if the frame has minor rot then put a patch over it or cut it out and replace, your choice.
if the rust is bad then get a new frame or turn the truck into a parts rig but no matter what check with the local inspectors to see if they will allow it. some places do not allow any welding on the frames.
i have seen trucks with frames so badly rotted there was nothing to weld to. i have a guy here that still thinks i am a total ass since i would not get his frame welded up. the thing had been coated with that yellow foam and over 5 ft of frame was gone so bad that we had nothing to work with.
too bad though the unit was a nice looking rig that he had owned since new. someone had convinced him this was great rust prevention and all it actually did was retain and hide the problem till it was too late, hence my stand on products where you can not see what is happening underneath...
Krown is the best stuff, I just wish I could figure out a way to get the crud out of my frame, i've tried power wasing it sticking a garden hose down in pulling stuff out with my fingers, it seriously bugs me. It is still really strong, but I fear if I can't get the crud out it only has 5 or so years left.

Maybe this summer I can find a really steep hill and use the power washer and try and get some more out.

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