Bad news. Is it f*ed

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Mar 21, 2012
So my engine had been behaving wierd for a couple of months, i finally got around to checking the maf sensor on tuesday as i had the day off work. Upon opening the lid to my airaid intake i seen the filter had slipped off the mount and was loose in the box. The pipe and throttle body were covered in dust.

The last time i cleaned the filter was a week before xmas, i then spent 8 days out bush for xmas break. The only time its been offroad since was the weekend before i checked which was also dusty gravel roads.

There is no sign of blow by or burning oil, the engine runs much smoother with the filter back on and doesnt feel down on power, oil pressure seems to be in the normal range and it gets compression tested tuesday.

The pic of the throttle body is the most recent and the two in the screen shot are 2018 and 2019 back when i had the oem intake.

Is this the end of my engine starting.


well, guess you'll just have to LS swap it
Was thinking just spraying some of that foaming s*** down it and hoping for the best, ibdint have the time or room to pull it appart my self
Why? Everything is in the engine after that. You don’t want that.

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