Backward leaf spring

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Mar 11, 2002
This is interesting. I've owned my cruiser for over two years and it has always had a BAD shake at highway speed. I have tried EVERYTHING to fix it. Anyways, I was sitting in my garage admiring my Cruiser, like I do every Saturday afternoon, when I noticed that one of the front leaf springs is backward ??? The military wrap is at the fixed end on both springs, but one spring has two clips in front, one in back, while the other is the opposite (when I say clips, I mean those things that are riveted to a spring and wrap around the pack. I don't know what they are called.)

I've never had the springs off my Cruiser, so it was something that a PO did. My question is: How exactly are the individual leaves held together? Can I just remove the spring and slide out the #1 and 2 leaves and reverse them? Or do I need to take it to a spring shop? &nbsp:Do you guys think I have finally found the source of my bad vibes?

BTW, it's a stock FJ40 with original springs.
i cant believe that is true.. the 40 springs are drilled for the pin ofset by 3.5 axle would be way WACKED if your spring was backward...
could cause the shake due to killer bad wheel alignment
I know it would be off by a lot. The front axle "looks" fine, but I haven't done any measurements. Could it be possible that the PO redrilled the spring? The top two leaves are normal (the ones with the military wrap) the rest of them aren't right. Why would anyone want to turn part of one spring around? If you guys want, I can send a grainy digital photo of it.

Also, the Cruiser has a bad habit of bending shackles. I've gone through two OEM's in the past two years.
if the first two (top two) springs are right, then wouldn't the axle be in the correct position. the others just control rate of flex etc, because they don't have fixed ends. the one (or two can't remember) top ones are fixed, and therefore control axle position.

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