Backfire Under Load

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Dec 20, 2015
Houston TX
Hey All,
Need help with an issue. Recent head replacement. Added MAF headers. Dizzy Recurved by Jim C. Weber 32/36 carb. After rebuild, I'm now getting backfire through the carb under load. In Neutral in the driveway, no problems. Out for a drive, backfire and some low power when switching gears. If I take it slow and steady as I increase speed, not too many backfires, but if I push it a bit I get a lot. Timing is set at 7 BTDC. Any Thoughts? Thanks.
Adding some additional info: Fully desmogged, vaccuum from the carb to the dizzy connected to the outer (advance?) port, and the inside port is capped.
Sure you dropped the diz in perfect? Could it be off a tooth making the timing advanced more than you believe?
Googled real quick. I always have to remind myself. Stuff just doesn’t stick.
If your running lean your carb will pop. I know nothing of a Weber so seek help in that arena in the search bar.
Thanks for that. I seemed to be running rich before, and did a bit of reset on the carb, so I might have it too lean. I'll look more specifically for some Weber tweaks
Well some people are better at using the right words in the search bar than I am......
Out to see what I can come up with. Thanks.

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