Back w/40th annv. Ltd. Ed. Will 95 FSM apply

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Jun 4, 2007
Glad to be back, just bought ' 97 40th limited edition, antique sage no lockers. I still have my rolled 95 with factory lockers, armor, and other misc. goodies to transfer. I also plan many other mods found here on mud plus some other home mods. I am jonesin' for a build. So everything looks pretty much the same between 95 & 97 and I have a 95 FSM which I'm guessing will work for a 97 for the most part. Any words of wisdom from those more experienced? Thanks! SteveM
Welcome back:flipoff2: You got a very beautiful 40th with my favorite color. Congrats.
Thats a great looking 80! :cheers: Excellent start.

Welcome back! :flipoff2:
good to see you back - I love 40ths - and yours looks like a nice mall cruiser thats been taken care of.

Sounds like some cruiserstein kinda transformation in the works. have fun and good luck! :cheers:
looks great!

Did you get it of ebay? I remember seeing one that looked very similar.
Nice truck.

Your 95 FSM should work for most things. The main thing to look at is the "Diagnostic" section. See if they have the trouble-shooting flow charts for the OBD-II codes (e.g. P0402). If not, maybe you can get someone to send you those sections from a '97 FSM.

There will be some differences on the HVAC stuff. The AEs have the same setup that the LXs do with the Auto climate control etc. Otherwise, I can't think of too much that will be different...
Thanks for the response. I did spot the rig on ebay and luckily it was only 220 miles away. The PO was kind enough to let me check it out before bidding ended. I figured it was worth the drive to take a chance as I really wanted an Antique Sage Cruiser after seeing some here on mud. I really lucked out, no rust, clean in and out, soft leather and tight engine and drivetrain, though some oil drips from oil pump cover and most likely rear main seal (coming out flywheel inspection cover). Anyway Im doubly excited to build her up thanks to mud! I hadnt discovered this sight when I built my 95 some years ago(no computer) THIS SIGHT IS AMAZING!! Landcruisers have been in my blood for over 20 years, most people around me think I'm crazy and just dont get it, but here I feel as though I've found my long lost tribe!! I plan to document my build and try to contribute to mud, hopefully find some new twist to spark things up for the lifers(sounds challenging,maybe impossible) Thanks again!!

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