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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Who is up for taking charge of planning monthly meetings? LC desperately needs someone to take charge and get this back going again. You may not have many places to wheel in the LC but it doesn't mean you can't get together and talk shop. Getting to know your fellow members is a great way to build the club back up. Maybe stick with a couple places so everyone can get MM's back into their mindset.
Working on it', Marshall
I'll help out any way that I can! I probably won't be able to make a meeting every month being that I'm in Myrtle Beach but just let me know how I can help out! I would love to see the club grow!
I'd like to participate more locally, and in time join up for some whellin runs. I'll support with participation.... Ive got enough other indians that I lead....
David, I got your call this evening and will give you a call to discuss this week. We can make this happen and we are happy to host just need to find the right weekend. Marshall we will get activity going....thanks for the note.

What does everyone think about maybe a beer exchange style meet and greet/planning session?

Hope everyone had a great holiday and your New Year is off to a great start.
Im not a beer drinker, but I'm fine with whatever, I'll wait for your call.
Any updates on the beer exchange dates? Need to throw that on the calendar before something else comes up!
Right now, we are looking at Feb 15th.
I know, it's a Sunday, but Saturday is Valentine's Day...
Greg is checking his calendar before we make it official, but that is the best/earliest date that worked.
If someone wants to wrench on something before then, just let me know.
I need to wrench on the 40. Nothing too difficult, but would be fun to hang out with everyone. It currently has no front shocks and I need to take the rears off and send the measurements to Marshall. The OME Nitro's (front and rear) on this thing are too short (they are completely extended). The PO installed aftermarket springs AND reversed shackles, so I'm concerned about short brakelines, short driveshaft, etc. and would like for someone else to have a look. I also need to drain and replace the coolant (to replace the two leaky hoses), replace the starter, and replace the dizzy/wires/plugs. :) Maybe we could get one or two things done? Maybe nothing, but it would still be awesome hanging out!

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