Back into gas after doing diesel for 15 years (suggested PM?)

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Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
Hi All,

About a month ago I got my first 80 and prior to that I had a turboed bj70, turboed bj60, and hzj73.

I feel like I've died and gone to power heaven! Its a LX450 with 142K.

I'm base lining and doing PM.

I'm collecting the parts for the cooling system rubber, and I'm going to replace the water pump at that time too.

Going to start setting aside cash for head gasket work as well cause it will need it one day and I'll not wait.

Going to replace all fluids.

What I'd like to know is service interval for injectors, caps, plugs and rotors. Also want to know of any other stuff that should be attended too like egr valve etc.

Suggestions very welcome. Learning about a new ride and I'm a stickler for PM.


Sounds like you're already on top of it.

The throttle body on any car can get gunked up over the years, so it is worth cleaning that out, along with the manifold, egr system and anything else in that area.
You may want to just go through the fluids for now.

I would do the whole belts, hoses, injectors, H2O pump, cap, rotor, EGR, intake cleaning, seals thing when you do your headgasket. Easier to do all of this at once when the radiator is out (may want to replace that too). Collect parts, and dive in once you are good and ready. I would also suggest doing the starter plunger/contacts, plus the alternator brushes at that time.

In the meantime, you can run compression and leakdown tests, check the coolant for exhaust gasses (cheap), and have your oil tested for coolant. These tests will give you some peace of mind that your HG has not already gone, but are no guarantee that the HG will not blow.


Thanks for the suggestion Steve I never would have thought about brushes!.

I have a complete rolled LX450 of the same year which will be my spares for the motor/tranny. The chassis and axles are donors for a fj55 build.

I have no electronic pictures of the 70 and 60 as it was so long ago but my 73 is on mud for sale and it can be seen here

I'm installing ironman's 4 inch lift into the LX this weekend and will post pics of the start of the build!

Is there a service interval for the injectors or do I just put cleaner through the tank periodically and leave them alone?


Hi All,
I feel like I've died and gone to power heaven! Its a LX450 with 142K.

:lol: your one of few with that viewpoint of an 80 !

enjoy the ride and looks like your well on your way to another great cruiser. keep up posted with the build.

I like cyclosteve's answer. do a little maintenance, drive it, and start hoarding parts for the day you get into it.
But while your in there for the starter is a good time to get to the PHH (pesky heater hose) and replace it with a silicone one.
You probably like your rear heater up there but check the lines as they run over the exhaust.... love to corrode and that would be an easy way to dump all your coolant on a long trip. If they look suspect you can bypass them for now untill its time to address.

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