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Apr 26, 2010
I got my 60 back this past weekend. a not too good few things I noticed:

1. when I turn off engine it wants to stay on- rev's up a bit right before it dies out
2. when I drive on freeway i cant go over 55mph
3. when in first gear and I give it gas its a bit sluggish
4. steering is looser

well, it passed smogged and I got new shock on my 60 so im happy(ish). What am I to trouble shoot? Thanks
what happened at the mechanics shop...what was it there for and what did they do?

Truck should at least be able to around 70mph on flat ground.
Heck my 60 will go highway speeds easily.Check the fuel filter first. MIke
I suspect that they had to put in a much leaner jet to get it past the smog check. That is what they had to do to mine to make it pass. Drove like a dog afterwards. They gave me the old jet. If they did do this you should ask for the old jet back.
either do a JimC or MarkA carb rebuild or take the truck up to Mudrak's (sonoma) to get it straightened out. If the truck is otherwise in good repair it should pass smog in CA.

Edit: first you should go back to the mechanic and get him to tell you what he did. You can post that answer up here to get some opinions...
It did not pass smog for ignition timing. he knows someone who can help out with that...

after it passed(timed it differently) he set it back at the appropriate timing to run good.

-at the smogable timing it will not go over 35-40mph- idles at approx 750.
-now idles at 900 and runs great just cant get over 55 on a flat freeway

maybe my carb timing is off...?

he did mention that the p.o mechanic did not rebuild the engine properly- his reason: piston positoins.
maybe my carb timing is off...?

Carb timing? that's a new one on me. I'm sure you meant ignition timing, and, yes, I think it is off.
Do you have a timing light? You need one now. And a 10mm endwrench.
check your ign timing first.... it may be way off and most likley as noted they probally set your carb very lean. I would go back and find out exactly what they did so you don't have to screw around hunting for the issues.
Ignition timing... Heading there tomorrow.
Probably running very lean... I feel it just does not
have power during acceleration like it did. Quick fix! Thanks

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