Back from Iraq!

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Jun 14, 2005
Fayetteville, NC via Sacramento, CA
I had just found out about this site just before leaving for Iraq. I have a 78 fj40 and want to get involved with some wheeling trips. I just moved to this area so I don't know any places to wheel. I am used rock crawling on the Rubicon and Fordyce trails in California would like to find some rocks!! around here.
welcome back, and THANX ALOT!

not from the area, but just wanted to say THANX!

Welcome back, Let me know if you need some help on anythingaround here as the only place that knew anything shut down. I was the only one working there at the end.
Welcome back!! Also a big Thanks!

Darin aka krzyabncanuck is the man you need to speak to.
Welcome back, thanks for serving, by the way...

Got a tow rig? Tellico is open year-round. There's also a "playground" type place that's nothing but a bunch of obstacles that ranges from mild to extremely tough outside of Asheville, the owners have "open invites" about once a month.
hey guys thanks for the support... I've been looking at going to Uhwarri? Anyone know if it stays open all year? And what type of terrain/trails, any good rock crawling?
Uwharrie is closed until 4/1/06. It closes every year from mid Dec to early April to help prevent erosion and assist with stream and trail preservation.

Fun place but not very big or extremely difficult. There are some easy lines and def some harder lines but it's not like Tellico or Windrock farther west.

It's a good and accessible spot for eastern / central North Carolinians though.

Here is a link: Scroll to the ORV link down on the left...

Thanks for your efforts protecting our country!!
Hey Andy. Is there an anual event at URE every year thats for cruisers? I really liked that place. Maybe create an event every year there? The longer we have to plan the better it will be.
No, not currently that I know of - not with ONSC or Carolina Cruisers anyway. There are some out of state Cruiser clubs / groups that go during the year, but still not a once a year Cruiser event.

The Rover crowd has a big event every year called Uwharrie Safari that I've been to and it would be cool to eventually emulate something like that in terms of participation, # of rigs, weekend events, etc. It's a big deal and folks come from all over the country.

I'd be down to help get it together. It would be small at first as you've seen by attendance numbers (or lack thereof) from this side of the border...
I am willling to get some things together for an event, planning now would make attendance more feasable for those who need time to create space in there schedules. Andy if at some point you want to get together and start planning this let me know.

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