Back Door Key Cylinder Lock Mechanism

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Oct 29, 2007
Blue Ridge, VA
I took this apart some time ago and now need to reassemble. FJ 62. What is the proper alignment (sequence) of parts identified in the photo? FSM doesn't help. Thank you.

You have the correct order including the small rubberish washer that is mounted on the lock cylinder itself shown on the left. I just did mine sunday.

Note: The FJ60's have a thicker spring and different plastic lock plunger piece. They are not interchangable. I found the power lock 62 spring shown in your picture too weak for my lock so I swapped in a thicker 60 spring.

The 62 and power lock rear hatches also have an additional wire stock connected to the outside latch hinge that clips on once the whole thing is assembled. That wire stock hooks to the lock actuator.
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Thanks. My debate was the position of the spring. I am good with the other clip ons and the electrical connector. I had it together like this but it didn't seem to do what it is supposed to. That may be the spring strength issue you have identified. I'll tackle it again shortly. Need to find some smaller more flexible fingers for this thing. Thanks again.
Wait, B and C may need to be switched. That makes more sense.
Yes , switch B and C

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