B-Z Rebuilders ... smog pump rebuild + other work too

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Jan 7, 2004
Santa Rosa Valley, CA
Yesterday, my smog pump decided to give up. After a search, it looks like people are sending their pumps to B-Z to have them do the rebuild work. It turns out they're only about 30 mins from my place, so I dropped by today to drop off the pump. They're nice. They had several rebuild orders in queue from SOR (and other vintage parts suppliers). They would have finished my rebuild in a couple of hours if I had waited, which was a really nice offer.

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting this is that they also do steering boxes and maybe alternators. I saw that they were working on a steering box for a mid-70s FJ40. That may be helpful info (I know I'll but using them for that particular service). The pump rebuild is around a couple hundred dollars.

B-Z Rebuilders

7745 Alabama Ave. Unit #2

Canoga Park, CA 91304

I wonder if the will rebuild wiper motors. I might give them a call.
Gave them a smog pump that sounded like a maraca and got this in return. They did a decent job painting it. It doesn’t spin smooth and free as it seems the impeller may be rubbing on the enclosure. Anyone know if that’s normal? You can turn it pretty easy by hand but something is causing friction.

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Installed it. Friction or not, it sure quiets down engine noise. I knew my failing air pump was a noise contributor, but wow this helped a lot.
There will be resistance on a properly functioning pump, the insides are an eccentric cam with little carbon blades that pop out against the casing to create the displacement for the pump. The sweeping of the blades, if operating properly will create drag as you rotate the pump.

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