B viscus fan clutch

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Jan 8, 2004
Hi All

I need a part number for the viscous fan clutch.
I have a B engine from a 1994 Dyna. ToyoDIY.com

It looks as if the B motors had a direct fan coupling but the 11b and 14b's from the same era had the viscous clutch, however there is no reference to the part number.
The one currently is not standard and is also FBAR ( ..Beyond all repair). All the water pumps look the same so there should be no problems fitting one.

Any help or suggestions appreciated
Hi George


(B-engine 1994 BU60 Dyna)


PS. From what I can see, all the fans of that era have the viscous clutch

And this same "COUPLING ASSY, FLUID" (as Toyota calls it) was used on the 11B and 14B engines of that era so I'd expect it should still be easy to get.
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Cheers Tom
I should have broadened my search.

Tom and mud to the rescue again

Here's the full printout in case you're going to search for this part at a motor wreckers over there:




You will find that a number of the clutches flanges have identical pitch circle diameters for the retaining bolts ( would appear to fit) but the fit of the water pump spigot into the recess in the clutch is critical for alignment,and therefore balance and water pump bearing life. It should be a sliding fit, that is no more than .001" clearance, if it is the proper clutch.
Well, that's exactly why mine is getting replaced; it's not the correct unit. My engine was a scrap yard mongrel, and over the years I have been getting her all back to standard and fixing all the little things I did, “Just to make her go".
I remember drilling out the 4 holes in the existing clutch until it was a nice snug fit over the flange studs and called it good. The motor gods must have smiled because it never gave problems and never wrecked the WP bearing. It's now knackered (or needs new fluid) because it comes in later and more erratically. I monitor temperature on a mechanical VDO gauge so I know these things.

Having more sense and more money these days, and 5 weeks in the Kalahari and Namib deserts December coming up, it’s time to fix all the little things which can ruin a trip by just playing on your mind. (or breaking).


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