B engine rebuild

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May 20, 2010
Hey everyone, I am armpit deep in a full b engine rebuild and having a blast, but I have a bolt that I am not familiar with... I took pics of everything before and have the rebuild manual, but I do not see this bolt anywhere. I am attaching a couple pics. Please let me know if you know what this bolt is and where it goes. It is hollow and has a small hole above the nut, a flat screw style top, and appears to be stainless...?
Much appreciated, Mayben
Yeah I was thinking that might be a possibility...... Looks like I'll have to take the timing cover off again....
Doesn't the workshop manual mention it in the lube section?
I haven't found it anywhere in the manual!!! Could it be a breather Plug of some kind? I will be bummed to peel off the new timing cover gasket and oil pan just to find out it doesn't go in there...I am second guessing myself, but I swear the manual mentions nothing and I do not remember taking it out from inside that cover. Maybe it was an add on from the previous owner??
looks very much like the oiler for the timing gear from my old 2F of the same era. I would not want to forget installing that.
Thanks everyone, I will be checking out inside the timing cover this weekend... Cheers,
Yep it was the oiler for the timing gear alright... So weird that it did not mention it in the factory manual. Thanks for the info everyone. Back to rebuild!

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