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Jan 4, 2005
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He is in Bowie. He is an older gentleman that has a 60 he doesn't use much, but is wanting to maybe fix up a hood ding and some engine work to get it back to decent shape.
I am hoping that a TLCA member in AZ. will either call him, or go by, if it's close enough, and see what useful info you can provide him.
He doesn't have email or internet, or just doesn't want to use it, but either way, he can be contacted by phone, or snail mail.
Thanks for your time, folks! Hope this missive finds you well!:cheers:

Here's the email as originally received by TLCA Admin.

"I received a phone call from a gentleman in AZ today who owns an '85 FJ60 & he wants somebody to tell him what to do with the darn thing (his words, not mine). I am hoping one of you guys can assist him with his question because he wanted much more than what I could give him & he wasn't really looking to go web surfing. His name is John & he can be reached at FIVE20.FIVE07.4486 (cell) or FIVE20.847.2FIVE11 (Home)"

His snail mail address.. P.O. Box 563 Bowie AZ. 85605
John Staggs.
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