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    What is the better axle and how much work to switch them vs. reward.
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    IMO, D44 is not a worthwhile upgrade in a Cruiser....firstly, the rear is centered on a D44, so you are stuck with changing t-cases too. Second, with the new Longfields and Alloy inner shafts available, upgrading the axle is easy relative to the time to match things with an axle swap.

    If yer gonna toss money in to stronger axles, do D60's up front, or spend that $$ on upgrading the stockers. I wheel my rig VERY hard and have no complaints with the stock axles. (alloy front inners should be here yet this week too!!)

    EDIT: 5 years ago, the D44 would have been, with the huge number of Toyota axle upgrades available, it's not. I even know people doing D60 swaps now who may not have if some of the upgrades in the past 6 months had come available sooner...
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    Dec 4, 2002
    I had the same question a while ago about Waggy Axles or scout axles. both Dana 44s are a bit wider than the FJ 40s. I think woody responded as a lateral move as far as toughness. If you dont cut down the other axles. you need to outboard your spring hangers, which requires welding, grinding and probably the use of a tape measure.

    44 parts are a bit cheaper, and easier to find, and most of the fronts are disk which is a bonus.

    I have decided to stick with the stock LC and find a disk front from another cruiser.
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