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Dec 16, 2002
I have come across a cheep :eek: pair of toyota mini truck axles. I have a 1980 fj40 that has the 3.73 ring and pinion, but I would like 4.11's. I know the mini truck axles are stronger too, so that is a added plus!! I want to put a 205 transfercase in anyway, so that would solve the problem of the centered rear end. I was also thinking of doing a springover at the same time, even though I just bought a pinnacle 4.5 inch lift. Would this worth the effort to do? Easy, Hard, drive shaft mods? Anything else?


On the way there
Mar 15, 2003
Sacramento, CA
This is just my opinion, but I wouldn't even consider this swap. Minitruck axles are the same didameter as the cruisers, and the birfields interchange for your year. However, the differential itself is smaller and much weaker. I don't think it would stand up to the torque of the LC 6 cylinder. You should be able to find some complete Land Cruiser differentials with the gearing you want. I bought a pair of 4.11 from a 1978 for $100. The other option is to just regear the diffs you have. Used R&P sets will be really cheap, and a diff shop will charge $200-250 to set them up. Good luck with your project.

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