Axle housing question

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Aug 14, 2013
Weston, WI
I (am hoping) on starting on my FJ40 project finally. I will basically be frankensteining 3 fjs into 1. 71, 74 and 77 is what I have to work with.

I will be using the axles from the 77. Thinking eventually I may do a SOA. I was thinking of using one of the axles from the earlier models for that.

The question I have is how interchangeable are the housings?
were you planning on disk brakes or drum brakes ?
the earlier birfs will not work with the disks, and earlier housings would need to be ground to fit the larger later birf
I may try doing a SOA right away, all depends on the cash flow. I am planning on running a set of 33s that I already have for a while. I did buy a 4 inch lift a few back so I may run that first.

Id like to eventually run a set of 35, 36 or 38s... but that is down the road.
Axle housings and empty 3rd's are interchangeable with minor posted above.

Put it together and drive it. Modify as time and $ come. Just my .02

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