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Jul 27, 2003
After many years (2005) I have returned to the world of the Fj40. Having sold my last soa unit that year to go back to school, I vowed to get back into one and a few months ago have salvaged one from a farmers field and am already elbows deep in resurrecting it.

As it currently sits:
75ish (registered) however it has some swapped out parts
Sprung under
Stock axles (Unconfirmed but likely)
Drums All 4
Dual brake lines with booster
Janky Toyota ifs power steering
350 Chevy
Toyota 4spd manual
3spd case
Replaced body rear of the doors

Like I’s a resurrection and will never be a show piece but that’s all I wanted. Something fun to work on with my girls, at my pace slowly in my garage. Currently it is parked and aside from a pending move, I have planned the following this winter for projects l:

- redo some floor rot
- metal tech cage
- integrated seat brackets front and rear
- axles (new bearings, disc brakes, and whatever else requires replacement)

Anyways enough back story, my questions.

My axles. Likely original 75’s. Likely the “old” smaller style knuckles. Power steering is a mini truck “Toyoda” box mounted top of the frame rail in front of the bezel area (literally hacked away part of the bib to put it in much to my dismay)

- most hi steer kits I have sourced indicate they will only work with the “newer” style knuckles. Should I just go and find replacement knuckles or better off finding new axles with disc brakes already? I was intending on rebuilding my current axles but don’t see the point if they won’t be useable for my future plans.

- JTO has a kit for this axle that will allow me to run disc brakes. Would that kit be transferable to newer “larger” style knuckles? Chances are the newer version may have disc anyways...I guess it all depends on if I can do what I plan with these axles or not...
- which hy steer kits are compatible with the toyoda power steering box.

My end goal is a soa truck with hysteer, power steering and disc brakes(36’s max). I know that’s a fairly common setup and I am hoping to get there in the next year or two. Any direction from those with a proper game plan would really help me out. I am a hobbyist at best and altho I have mechanical savvy, have rebuilt axles and such, steering isn’t something I have much experience with. I have figured everything else out to this point, thanx historically to this forum and others, and I intend to keep this rig in the road for a long time. I’ll see if I can post some photos cause everyone loves photos.

Glad to be back


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Jul 26, 2010
Sounds a lot like what I did on mine. Not sure what you budget is but I found this to have a bit of a domino effect. I went with fj60 knuckles with discs to get the large pattern, marlin hi steer kit, longfields (since I was in there anyway) and 35's. I did an axle cut and turn swap from profits cruisers, but they no longer do them. I believe cruiser outfitters does them still. Added power brakes from a S10 with an adapter from man-a-fre. Lot of work but a solid setup.
Not sure what your spline count is on your birfs, but that is another reason I got the longfields, to switch from a 16 to a 30 (I think) spline outer
Jul 27, 2003
Thanx for the replies and advice so far.

I honestly haven’t been in touch with all that’s going on as I have been able to handle the work to date without requiring too much research.

My intention is to run a 35-36, trail runs with my two young kids in the back so nothing bananas.

Budget is what it is...the end product is the soa disc with hysteer and I am lucky enough to have some local shops that can handle that work however I am still comfortable doing some of the setup myself to save a few bucks.

I will look elsewhere for disc, was not aware of the issues with JTO but good to know. I will look further into that.

Sounds like the beat idea is to grab 60axles as I wouldn’t mind the width, and my last rig had them anyways. That way it answers a lot of the issues without having to buy add ons.

It’s a shame, I had a line in some 80 series axles but had to let them go as I’m in the midst of a move and didn’t want to have to move them around. I know they’d require a lot of prep but 60s I think will be the best bet at this point.

Happy to hear any other advice

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