Axle 54mm lock nut toyota part no.???

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May 16, 2008
Mexico City
Hello there

Since I´m new to FJ40, I bought a set of 50mm lock nut, star tab and lock tab, Because when I asked in this forum, I did not know there were differences.

Could some one tell me the toyota part numbers for these 54mm items. so I can buy ask for them at a local dealer. when it comes to international shipping (very expensive), here in Mexico sometimes they arrive and some times they don´t.

Thanks in advance
90215-42025 tab lock washer (need one per side)

43521-60011 spindle nut (need two per side)

edit: What Poser said

Holy Grail linky for parts lookup, website does a better job than my dealership. May have some older part numbers which may be superseded by new part numbers.
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43521-60010 Nutz

90215-38020 Star Washer

90214-38013 Claw Washer (if you want to replace)

Those are the smaller components used on the coarse spline drum brake front axles...


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