Awsome Find!!!

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Jan 26, 2009
SC Lowcountry/Charleston
I was under my LC today changing oil and pulling on hunks of mud and bundles of straw from various places, When something caught my attention. A hide-a key box under the driver side door. I now have an extra key that starts my car for free!!!!!! It however does not have the unlock,lock,panic buttons. Looks like a normal toyota key. Lady luck gets a big thanks today!!!:cheers::beer:
That's awesome. I've yet to install a hidey in my new LC "Edna" but I've put 'em on practically every car/truck I've owned.

A drilled rare earth magnet, a bolt, a wingnut, some locktite, and you can hide them places only an forensic scientist would find. Won't fall off if you buy the right magnet (thus the wingnut).
That is a neat find.
Cool find... now go find another location for your box cause it ain't hiding itself no more since you put it on the world wide webbbb. :D
That's great! I too found my valet key after a year of ownership. It was hidden and tied underneath the rear bumper
A better idea is to cut one without the transponder. Then you can get in and unlock the vehicle but you can't drive it.
Have to say that having a spare that CAN start the truck is kind of nice too. Went rafting one time and lost my keys. Had the hardest time getting into the truck, when I couldn't even get into my apartment to get my second set! Good job with the find!

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