AVAILABLE NOW: 100 Series Carpet Sets and Mats!

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I have to say it was wonderful working with Dave and Valerie as their customer service was A++. Dave even called me to discuss carpet options and pointers on how to install. After I ordered the carpet it showed up at my house in approx 3 days. I decided to go with the non mass backed carpet though I installed deadening mat as well. I went with the Ebony color and it looks great with my gray seats. I took my time on the install and took 2 weeks to complete - working several hours a day on it. I started with the tail gate, then back section, and last the front. Make sure to disconnect the battery. I used a good utility knife, good scissors. I did not have the right size stapler so I went to a local upholstery shop in Pittsburgh to have them staple the carpet around the tailgate board after I glued it down - you will need smaller staples so it only goes in the board but not through the carpet on the top side. As to the other areas - the only other place I used glue was on the plastic bridges over the wiring harness however that was probably overkill. Don't throw out the old carpet until the end of the install. I had it laid out next to my rig and looked at it many times as to cut sizes and placement. I even used some of the padding from the old carpet in some areas where needed - mostly on the side walls where you enter in all four door entry ways. I will be honest it was a tedious job and you have to be meticulous on your cuts - take your time and do not rush it. Take multiple cuts until you get to a point where it starts to fit. Also, make sure to purchase the plastic tools to remove all the plastic trim. Next task - new leather on the seats!
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@laticla Wow you are a pro! I too bought the same carpet but during the pandemic (I think?) and am just now getting around to installing it.

Do you happen to have a photo of it laid out like you mentioned. I tossed the old carpet and after reading your post I realize it would have made a nice reference doh!!!
I also just PM’d TH. I hope I’m not too late to this party!
Need to get a tan set for a restoration.
Definitely looks ready for new carpeting. What is the foil tape you have over the old clip holders?
That's to cover the rear seat bracket holes after removal.
Ah I got that part. Should've been more clear in my question. I was wondering what type/brand it was. I am about to do the same thing. Thanks.
Ah I got that part. Should've been more clear in my question. I was wondering what type/brand it was. I am about to do the same thing. Thanks.
I don't recall. Sorry.
Just messaged @Tupelo Honey about a set of carpets and mats for my 2007 105, which is about to go in for all the cosmetic work. Looking forward to seeing about this option!
Hey John, were you able to make contact? Still selling them? Just messaged her as well. Thanks!
I went down the road quite a bit but could not make the timing work. It can wait until the truck is in Canada.
PM sent on Mass Backed Medium Mocha…let’s do this.

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