auxillary fuel tank questions

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Jan 8, 2003
I want to add an aux. fuel tank on my '76 FJ40.  Does anyone have suggestions other than the Man-a-Fre tank?  I see Confer discused, but can't find their URL and suspect that they don't make one anymore.

Can these tanks be filled through the same filler tube (or same space) as my original, or do I have to install another filler tube?  I have the metal overlays on the rear which I think could cause me a problem.  Do I need a completely different fuel pump, or modify the original to handle two sources?  Or do I pump fuel from the aux. to the main tank?

ALso, can I install this myself, or is their welding involved?  What about a skid plate?

Where are you located, I have an AUX tank complete for sale, but shipping may be $$. To answer a few of your questions. With the AUX tank, you will have to use another filler. To select between tanks, use the fuel tank selector valve from for example Chevy dual tank truck from the 80's. I ran both tanks from the factory fuel pump, and both tanks fed adequately. As for Con-Ferr, it is rumored that they have discontinued all Cruiser related products. Also Con-Ferr tanks have a separately mounted skid plate, which collects dirt and such. I have heard os some people making a mock-up tank out of cardboard, and having a radiator shop fab one up too. Hopt this helps some.

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