Auxiliary Tank on FJ45

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Feb 28, 2011
Fort Worth, Texas
Just picked up the FJ with the auxiliary fuel tank installed. Got the tank from Cruiser Brothers (Ward Harris) and they were great. The tank has added an additional 26 gallons of capacity which is awesome particularly when I'm out in the middle of nowhere. I had a 4x4 shop do the installation and it went very smooth. They did have to replace the exhaust as it was in the way but did not affect the spare under the bed.
Wow, nice looking rig. Looks like a clean install too. Just curious about the filler height (looks kind of low) and what kind of venting you allowed to provide for smooth filling of the tank. Maybe not a big deal in Texas as compared to here in Kaleefornya. Do you have future plans to install any kind of skid plate for the tank itself?
yeah it is a bit low but that is about all the tank would allow. I did experience a really slow fill at Costco but went to Texaco and had no problem. I haven't decided about a skid plate at this point.
Curious what is the capacity of the stock tank. Appears to be a 77/78 and the FJ40 is only 16 1/2 gallons. Extra 26 gallons would be great but a few less gallons and not hang a low would give better ground clearance. Maybe just the picture but the left spring looks like it just inches below the tank. Also curious how the exhaust is run and where the muffler is located? Is the exhaust in the left wheel well? Does the tank hang off the frame or the bed of the truck? Like the location of the spare tank as it allows the spare tire to stay where it belongs.
The stock tank is 16 gallons. The muffler is just a bit behind the drivers seat location (yeah hot) and the exhaust exits just in front of the rear wheel. The tank hangs off the bed of the truck. It does sit above the driveshaft so I'm not too worried about bottoming out. I'm not rock climbing in the 45 anyway. Probably put some sort of heat shield above the muffler.
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