aux light mounting

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Mar 27, 2003
Houston, TX
I finally went to a 4x4 shop today to inquire about driving lights. Monday I am taking my car in and they will show me some ideas and prices. I have a 1999 uzj100. I want lights mounted on the top of the bumper. What is about right price wise for 2 custom mounting points. They will have to fab up some way to mount them on the plastic bumper. Probably metal that sticks out somehow and mounts to some part of the frame. Has anyone done this? I am thinking, either a bracket from the around the radiator through the grille, or maybe mount a metal plate under the bumper so it is hidden. I like the second plan better, but don't know if its possible/expensive? Any other ideas I can bring to the shop w/ me?

I don't want to get a 300-400 grille gaurd, and an arb is out of the question. My plan is good lights that can be mounted on a better bumper later.

Shouldn't cost much as it won't or at least shouldn't take long. It's not rocket science.

Of course, if you wanted to beatify it, then you just just jamb too sticks through the bumper and tape the lights to the sticks. :flipoff2:

Been thinking of the same thing, either driving or fog mounted on the bumper itself. PIAA 520 series looks nice and run about $195 apiece internet pricing. Christo Slee the switch. Not sure how to mount on a '94 bumper. I'm in the same boat as you, don't want to add a brushgard. Keep us posted.
If the 94 bumper is the same as the 91 bumper the solution is easy. On each side on the top there are 2 bolts. I used one on each side to mount lights. Getting the bolts off required a little muscle and bruised knuckles, but it is a very secure mounting point. I did that install by basically guessing, and so far nothing bad has come from it. The bolt still secures the bumper, along with the light.

My main problem is the bumper on the 100 series is plastic, and there are no bolts sticking through it which I can mount a light from. I will have more info after monday when i have an appointment.

Junk, one night I was bored and basically taped lights to my roof rack, and I also used some sticks...chop sticks. They came down the next morning...some reason they just didnt stay up with tape.


Thanks - now to find $$$ to acquire said lights and switch. :p

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