Aux. light hookup.

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I dont want this to sound dumb especially to you guys out there that appear to know more about 80's than the people who designed them but I was thinking of getting some hella aux. driving lights and just wanted to know the basics of hooking them up. I am used to working with a 40 where it is so basic its comical. Just wanted to know if there is anything special i need to know when working with all this high tech electrical stuff....thanks
It should be pretty straight forward with the instructions in the package - nothing special unless you want it to be fancier like turning off when your ignition is off (desirable) or only on when ignition's on (unlikely)...etc...

I highly recommend the new Slee wiring harness. Their new one has the wires cut to the exact length and you can add the driving/fog light harness pigtails. Get the OEM switch and you have a top quality system that looks factory and will give you plenty of capacity. Those harnesses are done RIGHT... good relays, inline fuses, and fusible links. The things you MUST do to complete the project professionally.

If you're dead set on DIY then remember that the 80 lighting is negative switched. There's a DIY wiring diagram that Tyler (I think) posted in the SOR archives.

I just went to the Slee Off Road web site and they did not have the wiring harness in their product section. How do you get them and what's the price?
How can you miss it!?!?!? :rolleyes: The link to the new wiring harness is right in the middle of the Slee Offroad home page.


duuuh.. I missed the home page and went directly to the product. Sorry about that! :cheers:
I went with the new Slee harness as well.

However, you can buy Hella kits as well (haven't seen them) that include lights, a harness with a plug for the lights and (I think) a switch - sells a kit for Hella 4000s for something like $265. The Slee kits are well built (not sure about the Hella harness) and you don't have to worry about farting around with the negative switching.

Cheers, Hugh

The new Slee harness is cut to the right lengths. This is a *big* improvement as the generic harnesses have way too much wire and you end up wadding it up to keep it out of the way or spending a lot of time cutting, resoldering, shrink-wrapping, etc. to have a neat installation. This improvement should not be overlooked.


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