Aux fuel tank in a '79 FJ40



Has anyone else installed an aux fuel tank in a '79 or later FJ40? There are a couple of 22gal versions still available but they require relocation of the exhaust system/moving the rear muffler forward to the rear axle. My '79 with the catalytic converter generates a fair amount of heat under the floor anyway, and if I move the muffler forward it concentrates all the exhaust components closer together - which I'm afraid will create a bigger heat problem under the floor.
Does anyone have a '79 or later with one of these 22gal aux tanks, and is there a heat buildup problem when the stock exhaust system is relocated to install the tank?
Jul 12, 2002
McKinney, Texas
This may or may not help...
On my 79 I re-ran the exhaust over the frame rails to get it away from rocks. I don't have a cat anymore.

Where it ran close to the fuel tank, we used header wrap to control the heat. That stuff works really well. You can grab it where it's wrapped when the exhaust is hot.

So in your case, I'd re-route it then wrap it where you think it may be a problem.

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