Automatic Transmission

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Nov 20, 2003
I just took out my old F motor and tranny. my body is off the frame so its great working conditions. I have a early 70s rebuilt 4 bolt 350 and am weighing my options on what I want for a new tranny. I know most people go with the SM420 or SM465. I will not be rock crawling and will not need the benifits of an ultra low gear. I will be going through mostly mud and snow and prefer a automatic in these situations. I hate running out of a gear when using a manual. Does anyone have any experience with this? I did a search and found nothing. thanks
I've got an auto 350 I could sell you. I'm going with a manual in the Wagon. I've got a 700R4 in the 40 and like it for what I use it for. The number one issue is overall length of everything. If your engine isn't far enough forward you'll be killing your self with the rear drive shaft. Mine still isn't 100% although I'm very very close. (just did the stuff). I would recommend going with a manual. Are you going to keep your stock Transfer Case?

There are a lot more options with this conversion than most people realize. Think them all through before you jump.

Tom IV
There are a few options for using an auto. I'm looking at the 700R4 to 4-speed adapter from Advance Adapters. ABout $1000. I have been told and probably convinced to go to a 700R4 to NP203 gear reduction unit to an AA adapter to a 4 speed transfer case. This adapter is about 1/2 the price, but makes for an even longer drivetrain. Nice low gears though. Or you can go csb to auto trans of your choice to chevy transfer of your choice to a centered axle from toyota mini truck or something.
You can use the 205 t-case with a rear offset differential, but you need the parts from a np200 to convert the 205 to a rear offset pattern. Only problem I see is the gearing in the 205-depends what gearing you need/want. :cheers:

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