Wanted auto turbo 350 or 400 adapter for transfer

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I have a th400 to 3sp adapter from AA
What are you looking to get for it. I would like to make a deal with my 4 speed bellhousing and almost new centerforce clutch and pressure plate with slave and master which are only 4 months old.
Got complete 350 new rebuild with Downey shafts/adapter/cross member/Lokar stainless dipstick/tube, flexplate/torque converter............complete bolt in set up.........$600 in NY

16ltoy@msn.com or 607-274-7569
Did you find what you’re looking for?
Waiting to hear back from P0lkabully, I am also considering your adapter Tinbox only 1 problem I have a 16 spline I think you said yours is a 10 spline not sure if I can find a gear, if that is the only thing I will need.

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