Auto Transmission fluid and center diff question...

Apr 10, 2003
Frederick, MD
the lx has approx ~100k miles. lately i've noticed that there has been a clunk during decelleration of about 3miles/sec at exactly the 15mph tick mark on the odo. this clunking does not happen all the time and i believe this occurs during the downshift from 2nd to 1st gear. i checked the archives and couldn't find much on my situation.
i drove around for 15mins, put it through L, 2, D, N, R, then P and checked the auto-tranny fluid. it seems low. it's on the border line of cold when it should be on hot/warm. is a 15mins casual drive around the block enough to warm up the tranny fluid to give me an accurate reading on the dip stick? approx how many qts should i purchase and what brand should i use (other than OEM) if it is on the "cold" mark?

on another topic i'll be driving through some mud.- is it okay for me to make a u-turn or drive in reverse with the center diff locked? or should i unlock it?

Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
You can drive in any way you like in locked as long as you are not on pavement.

You might need your throttle cable adjusted. My cable is not the same as in my Factory Srevice Manual so I had to just play with the cable till it shifted OK.

I went to a tranny shop and had them change the tranny oil.

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