Auto fluids recycling event in San Diego

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Dec 28, 2005
San Diego, CA

Thanks to this board that had tons of threads about flushing the radiator and using the correct type of coolant. I did this job yesterday afternoon and all went pretty well. A bit messy, but overall pretty well. One thing that you can do to stay less grimey is to start the job with the vehicle further down the driveway. Then after each flush, park the vehicle a little further up. That way you'll have a new dry spot to work on and won't have to lay down in the puddle of coolant/water. My coolant was nasty. It looked rusty brown with a greenish outline.

Anyway, what I did notice is that nobody really knew where to dispose of coolant. I remember I received one of these recycling flyers in the mail one time but I haven't received them since. So after about 30 minutes surfing I stumbled upon this calender of events for home mechanics. There is an auto fluid recycling event on May 12th at Mira Mesa HS.

Just spreading the word.


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