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Oct 27, 2009
Dallas, TX
Hey there. I getting to the point in my restore where the harness needs to be installed. I have the old one with a few problems and a new painless kit.

Does anyone know of a good auto electrician in Dallas, TX they recommend to do the work? Pricing? Its basically an installation of the Painless wiring harness, accommodating it to the FJ40's original subcircuits and leaving it prepared for the engine reinstall.

Thanks in advance.
Mar 28, 2012
You need The Wizzard...

You need the Wizzard.

Because automobile electrical problems can
consume more time than you can bill for.

Joe Biggs, aka The Wizzard, finds those electrical and electronic
glitches fast, so you can go back to what you do best.

He’s a specialist. On call whenever you need
high quality wiring repairs for rodent, flame
or electrical fire damage, charging,
starting, and lighting work. And
he’s surprisingly reasonable.

Joe understands the new
computerized electrical systems as well as the
traditional systems. He has worked only for the
trade for more than thirty-five years ---- he takes
no consumer accounts. He offers mobile service for
commercial accounts and a phone that’s answered
24 hours a day.

Wizzard Power Company
3100 Main St. STE #180 * Dallas, TX 75226
214 207-9199


Stop calling it an FJ
Aug 31, 2004
he takes
no consumer accounts. He offers mobile service for
commercial accounts

Wow, Mr Wizzard, you sound like you can do it all. But, would the Original Poster be a mere consumer, and therefore unable to employ your skills? Would he have to go to a commercial shop to receive your attentions?
I assume you're familiar with the "Painless" line? Have you worked on an older LandCruiser before?
Not trying to be a smartass or discourage you on your first post here (oh, btw :flipoff2:) Just curious. We already have several Gurus here, I'm sure we would appreciate a centrally located travelling Wizzard.

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